Research Interest

Current Research Interest

Cloud Computing: My research mainly focused on Virtual Network Embedding (VNE) problem, where I have studied the optimization problem of resource utilization research issue. I focus on the application of different mathematical tools such as graph theory, Hidden Markov Model (HMM) to improve the embedding solution. Besides I focus on resource allocation, network-aware resource scheduling, resource-intensive job scheduling, virtual resource migration cost analysis, server load balancing, power management, fault tolerance analysis.

Internet of Things: In conjunction with cloud computing, I am focusing on the combination of IoT world and the cloud environment. latency-aware job scheduling, bandwidth-aware job scheduling, IoT service management in cloud are some of the research issues I have studied.

Fog computing: Integration of fog and cloud computing. Computation offloading to Cloud, job migration between cloud and fog computing.

Future Research Interest

Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI enabled Cloud resource management, resource demand prediction in cloud, , Pre-VNE based on workload prediction. pro-active AI enabled resource failure prediction in Fog and Cloud.