#installing #kubernetes on Three #Centos9 #virtualmachines using #ansible in #2022

Here, I demonstrated how #kubernetes can be #installed using #ansible.
This is a raw version. So you may fast forward some of the steps.
I would like to thanks University of Tartu HPC Center (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi_viPyHPL_rytr_bwBk55A) for the computing resources.
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Securing Nifi with firewalld

In our previous post, we have learned how to secure Apache Nifi with Google’s OAuth2. In that post we saw, how user can be authenticated via Google’s OAuth client ID.

In this post, we will see how the outside user can be blocked permanently from accessing Apache Nifi’s UI. Here outside user means, the user who is accessing UI from different machine. Follow for more detailed steps….

Adding biography section into elsevier latex article

Mostly in research community Latex is used to write the articles that are published in different journals. Biography section is the last section in all articles. IEEEtran and elsarticle are the most widely used latex template, which offer multiple commands to represent the research content/data in different manner. For example, IEEEbiography command is used to write the biography section in IEEEtran template. But no such similar command is available if you write the article using elsarticle template. Continue reading …