Understanding Q-learning algorithm with example using Python

Q-learning is a reinforcement learning technique in Machine learning used to answer the question “what action to take under what circumstances”. This model-free machine learning technique is used mainly in implementing any finite Markov Decision Process. The application of reinforcement learning technique can be found in traffic light control, robotics, recommendation system, gaming etc.
Before knowing Q-learning algorithm, let’s first understand the motivation behind this. What kind questions can be answered by Q-learning algorithm? Read more…

Difference between Classification and Clustering in Machine Learning

What is it?
Given a set of historical/old data along with their class name and a set of new data, classification is the process of assigning each new data with class name that is obtained from the old/historical data. 
Given a set of samples/data, clustering is the process of grouping the data based on their similarities and the patterns of the data.
Type of input data
Set of data with label/class name
Only the data set. No labeling is required.
  • A set of samples or data
  • A set of classes
A set of samples

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What is Fat Tree and how to construct it in 4-steps ?

Fat tree network topology looks like a tree topology like below example. In tree topology, we have same terminologies like Root, parent, child etc. This is mainly used to connect a large number of physical servers/ computers in a large data center. Continue reading…

Fixing WinEdit MDI event handler macros error.

OS: Windows 7 32bit
WinEdit v5.4 (build: 20050201)
Can’t open Macro file “C:\program Files\WinEdt Team\WinEdt\Macros\MDIOpen.edt”

Possible Reason:
Either the path mentioned is wrong OR the macro file “MDIOpen.edt” is accidentally deleted.
How to Fix this Issue?
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GitLab: For private Git repository

I assume here that the reader has basic knowledge about GitHub, BitBucket or SourceForge or some other alternatives to GitHub. Now, as a member of small research team, my responsibility is to setup something like GitHub in our own private server. The objective is to store and access individual’s source code used for varification and evaluation of own research projects in a secure place. It’s quite similar to GitHub. Continue reading…

Cloud computing for layman

Before digging to the concept of cloud computing, Let’s see how we consume electricity. Basically in every region, some companies/ organizations are providing electricity to every house. Electricity provider uses Copper or Aluminium wire to provide electricity to our houses. In addition to that, the external electric meter is attached in every house to monitor the amount of electric power we are consuming. Continue reading…